Survive endless monsters, unlock secrets, and complete quests to fight Lakath on this bullet hell RPG!


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Land of Lakath is a thrilling bullet hell roguelite RPG that transcends the ordinary, offering a dynamic experience filled with ingenious quests that reshape gameplay, diverse skills, and character abilities that let you tailor your strategy, and fierce bosses that will test your mettle. At the pinnacle of these challenges awaits Lakath, the nefarious red dragon—the ultimate antagonist whose fiery breath and cunning tactics will push your limits.

Delve into a world where every encounter is a test of skill, strategy, and adaptability as you embark on a quest to conquer not just monsters, but the very essence of an ever-evolving adventure. Will you rise to the occasion and vanquish Lakath, or succumb to the inferno of the dragon's wrath? The fate of these lands rests in your hands. 

Play with different characters

Embark on an epic adventure with a diverse cast of characters, each with a rich history and unique motivations to take on the formidable Lakath. Delve into their compelling stories and unlock a treasure trove of distinct abilities waiting for you to master and explore

Overcome formidable Adversaries

Within each land lies a rich tapestry of history, and with it, a guardian Boss. Unearth the secrets of these intriguing worlds, where every Boss boasts a unique origin story and a compelling reason for their existence. Will you uncover the enigmatic tales that drive them?

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